PGA TOUR Integrity Program

As advancements in media and technology have brought real-time information about live sporting events to every corner of the globe, so too have gambling on professional sports and the potential risks associated with it. Although gambling on professional golf is not commonplace in the United States, its popularity is expanding rapidly in countries where it is a legal, regulated activity.  The influences from gambling have no borders, and therefore could potentially impact the PGA TOUR. The risk for negative influence is significant, and the fallout from even one incident of illegal activity could cause irreparable damage to the TOUR. That’s why a PGA TOUR Integrity Program was established to protect all players and every competition from potential outside influences related to gambling.

The new PGA TOUR Integrity Program covers all those involved with conducting a PGA TOUR-affiliated competition.  That includes players, caddies, PGA TOUR staff, tournament staff, player managers, support personnel, tournament volunteers, etc.  The governing terms and conditions of the Integrity program are set forth in the PGA TOUR Integrity Manual which can be found on the tournament volunteer website.

As a ShotLink volunteer who is covered under the Integrity Program, it is incumbent upon you to understand your responsibilities and the prohibited conduct under the Program.

The following conduct is prohibited:

(1)   Betting, facilitating or soliciting betting, directly or indirectly, on any aspect of any Professional Golf Event

(2)   Encouraging or inducing any Member or Player to fail to give best efforts in any Professional Golf Event  

(3)   Contriving the outcome or any other aspect of any Professional Golf Event

(4)   Facilitating unauthorized access to a Professional Golf Event for the purpose of conducting unauthorized activities in relation to betting

(5)   Associating with any person(s) whose betting-related activities will or might reflect adversely on the integrity or appearance of Integrity in Professional Golf Events.

(6)   Providing inside information to outside parties for betting on Professional Golf Events. “Inside Information” means information relating to a Professional Golf Event (e.g., health of a player, condition of a course, etc.) that is not publicly available and that you know due to your unique position as a volunteer.

Now that we have covered the prohibited conduct, we’d like you to have a better understanding of your responsibilities as it relates to the Integrity program.

As a volunteer, we ask that you report to the PGA TOUR as soon as possible if you become aware of the following:

(1)   Any activity that would reasonably be expected to constitute or lead to an Integrity violation.

(2)   Any person being approached by any person who offers any money or other thing of value to influence any aspect of a Professional Golf Event

(3)   Any person providing inside information for betting on a Professional Golf Event.

The vigilance of all staff and volunteers is an essential means of deterrence and detection.  As you walk the golf course, we encourage you to be mindful of any unusual behavior by spectators.

We did not create the PGA TOUR Integrity Program in response to any incident or information that we received, but rather to protect the virtue of everyone involved in the competition.  It is thanks to the diligent and honest efforts of those involved in the tournaments - including volunteers such as yourself – that help us protect the integrity that is inherent in the great game of golf.

Click here to view the PGA TOUR Integrity Policy

PGA TOUR Integrity Program Manual