LED Scoreboard Tournament Requirements


Tournaments create their own local tournament graphics to be shown on the LED scoreboards. It is recommended that tournaments appoint a staff member or volunteer with graphics experience to be the graphics chairperson (the point person to work on the graphics). Please download the zip below to access the instruction guide and templates. The guide will explain the process and show examples. (See Downloads below)

POWER REQUIREMENTS (Generators or Shore Power)

208 Volt, 3 Phase, 5 wire, 60(A*) amp service (This can be supplied by either a generator or by shore-power).

Power will need to be running at the boards from the day after installation (Thursday advance week until end of the tournament). The cables from the generators or shore power to the scoreboards will need to be provided by the generator supplier or local electrician. The scoreboards only have short two foot cables with Cam-Lok (400 amp style) connectors that are stored in the boards. In regards to generators, we strongly recommend environmentally sensitive, ultra quiet, “whisper watt type” generators. Loud generators will be a nuisance to both the players and your spectators.

Fueling the boards will have to be done after play and they need to be running 24/7, beginning the day after setup. While it is common to have the generators serviced before they are delivered, it is necessary that the filters for the generators be changed onsite on Sunday or Monday morning at the latest. Since they are usually delivered empty, contaminates in the tanks that normally settle, will find there way into the filters within the first day or two. To prevent generator failure during your tournament, we strongly recommend the servicing of the generators onsite.

Need to have the on-site electrician (generators) meet with the Tournament Event Logistics (TEL) contact to coordinate powering up new boards and procedures for powering up and down the generators.


The Scoreboards are 34ft wide 11ft tall(B*) (add another 5-7 feet for antennas) If your tournament uses portable structures, the boards will have a footprint from 20 to 30 feet deep. Trees and branches around the area where the scoreboards will go may need to be trimmed due to the increase in size of the new boards. Please coordinate with the superintendent. The scoreboards use very sensitive wireless antenna arrays that can be damaged from branches.


Boom Truck/Crane with Certified Operator.
TEL does not employ certified operators.
Must be able to lift at least 3,000lb to a range of 30 feet. A “23-ton” crane is recommended as the minimum size.

Maintenance Tractor with Flat-Bar Hitch.
With Operator preferred for course safety and navigation.

Pickup Truck or at least 2 Carry-All/Gator type utility carts.

2 Golf Carts for safe transportation of Laborers.

Minimum of 6 Temporary Laborers with the ability to lift over 60 lb.
Temporary Laborers must be at least 18 years old (21 years old preferred). More workers will be required if plywood is necessary.

Header Panels need to be available by 8:00 AM setup day. The header panels for the glow cube scoreboards will NOT fit on the new LED boards. Panels will be returned to the Tournament at end of Breakdown day.

Set up and breakdown may take some additional time and we may need to look at getting help for an additional day during both set up and breakdown.

You will have to coordinate with the superintendent to have all sprinklers turned off around the place of the scoreboards. Due to the electronics in the boards “THIS IS A MUST”.


If you plan to use scaffolding for any scoreboard locations instead of the standard permanent and portable structures, the scaffolding must meet specific criteria. Please open the pdf below to download the Spec Sheet and the Sample Pictures. (See Downloads Below)


If your tournament uses permanent structures, then the permanent structures need to be inspected for any rust or abnormalities. The permanent structures will also have to be level to make sure of the safety of the placement of the boards. Permanent structures will need to be at least 8 feet tall, since the new boards are both taller and longer. The permanent structures will also need to be able to handle the additional new weight of the boards now that the boards are 2600(C*)lbs. For portable structures, your height will increase according to desired position from 19ft-25ft tall with antennas. For portable structures, the area of placement will need to be as level as possible. We have some room to level the boards, but as a rule the more level the area the better. There will be locations from previous years that will not work with the new boards.


The smaller LED Scoreboards are mostly the same as the larger LED scoreboards except for a few minor differences.

  • POWER - 40 Amp service is required (Reduction of 20Amps)
  • SIZE - The length is 28’ wide and 9’3” tall (Reduction of 6ft wide and 1.5ft tall)
  • WEIGHT - The weight is 2000lbs (Reduction of 600lbs)