Player Performance Centers

Two sports medicine trailers for the players will be provided at most tournament sites. 


Fitness Trailer -

  • 24' wide x 70' long 

Therapy Trailer -

  • 24' wide x 70' long 


A flat, hard surface is required, asphalt or concrete if possible in a location convenient to the locker room, driving range and putting green. (Approximate weight of the Player Performance Center – 78,000 lbs.)

If the trailers are going to be parked on a flat turf area, it is required to be placed on a Duradek type product that will stabilize the surface.

ShotLink/ Player Performance Center Tractor Trailer Cab Parking :

In your staging plan, the tournament's Director of Operations needs to plan for parking the tractor/cab units that deliver the four ShotLink Production/Scoreboard trailers and the two Player Performance Center trailers.

Ideally, tournament's can provide parking for the tractor/cabs at the same staging location for the ShotLink/Player Performance Center trailers. If that space isn't available, in order of preference, the following parking locations would be requested:

  • Golf Course Maintenance compound
  • Television Compound
  • Off-site, tournament area with security provided ( either behind locked gates or with 24 hour security personnel observation )
  • The location should be identified with the Advance Tournament Operations staff member.


Fitness Trailer - 

  • 120/240V, single phase and 175 amps  

Therapy Trailer - 

  • 120/240V, single phase and 175 amps 

Both fitness and therapy trailers are equipped with 50 ft. of cable. An electrician is needed to hookup both trucks early in the week and again to disconnect the trucks following Sunday’s final tee time. Cable trays are required to cover any cables that the players or tournament vehicles have to drive over.


We will need 3 internet circuits for the new fitness trailers.

  • Business class internet
  • 100 Mbps down/20 Mbps up
  • PGA Tour expense

                                Bill to: Erin Davis, PGA Tour

                                One PGA Tour Blvd.

                                Ponte Vedra, FL 32082

                                Office: (904) 285-3700


The trailers have the capability for cable hookup. We need a cable feed for the TVs whenever we are unable to get satellite TV, due to interference from trees, buildings, etc.. This would be appreciated so the players may watch the tournament.

The TEL coordinator for the fitness trucks is Steve Schmitz, who can be reached at (800) 327-2352.

For questions regarding on-site situations with the trucks, please contact Don Wallace at (904) 608-0091


The trailers have refrigerators, which will need to be filled with bottled water upon arrival to keep them stocked.


Approximately 20-25 clean towels are needed each day.