LED Scoreboards

The LED scoreboards take advantage of having full access to the complete ShotLink dataset.

Not only do they show leaderboards, and keep fans informed about which groups are coming up next on a particular hole, but they also give fans a level of detail about the individual player's performance not previously shown on scoreboards. For example, fans are shown the distance to pin, lie description, and which shot number a player is hitting for each golfer in the group they are currently watching. This information is also provided for the leaders, no matter where they may be on the course at the time, allowing fans to keep track of what the top five players on the leaderboard are doing at any time. The scoreboards also keep track of the season long FedExCup race, noting individual players' point totals and rank, as well as showing the current FedExCup leaderboard periodically.

The LED scoreboards also let fans know which golfers are in which groups, and when and where they'll be teeing off that day. They are shown who is having a particularly hot round that day, as well as who's hitting the longest drives or making the longest putts on a given hole. When it's getting close to time to make the cut for the week, the scoreboards let fans (and players) know how many players are in for the weekend, and what score is needed to make it.

The custom software created to deliver content to the LED scoreboards connects directly to the ShotLink system over the on-course network, the same as all other ShotLink applications. This allows it to receive scoring and statistical data in real time, allowing the most up-to-date information to be shown at all times.

In addition to all the scoring and stat info, the scoreboards showcase the PGA TOUR brand, along with brands of our sponsors and official marketing partners, as well as the local sponsors for each tournament. Full color logos and animations are used to highlight these important business relationships."