Location-Based Operators


A location-based ShotLink volunteer will be operating a fairway laser, fairway or greenside tablet, or act as a Rover. The fairway laser and tablet operators track the landing position of all shots in and around the fairway. The greenside tablet operators record the landing position of shots on and around the green. These important functions of the ShotLink scoring system enable real-time distance data and statistics to be immediately computed and distributed to scoreboards, TV broadcast, internet and mobile device applications. Volunteers should have a basic knowledge of the game of golf and a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail. Although volunteers will work in teams of 2 in each location, they each have specific/unique responsibilities. Effective teamwork and communication are essential in these roles. All location-based operators should be physically able to stand or walk around for the duration of their shift in potentially varied weather conditions (tablet operators are expected to walk around the green or fairway as necessary to gain accurate insight into the location of each shot without interrupting play.) The rover position is responsible for rotating through each of the location-based operator positions on a specific golf hole to provide breaks, answer questions, and provide assistance as needed.


Requirements to be a Location-Based Operator:

  • Must complete a 1 Hour online training course.
  • Must attend a 1 Hour in-person training that occurs prior to tournament week.
  • Must complete ShotLink disclosure form.
  • Must be 18 or over.
  • Should be available for on-course training during the Wednesday Pro-Am and work at least two tournament days.