Lasor Operators


The operation of the fairway lasers is a very simple process. This is a basic point and shoot rangefinder laser and it is very easy to spot the tee shot and take the measurement. These volunteers are stationed just inside the ropes near the landing area of the drive. Each station consists of a laser positioned on a movable monopod. There is also a handheld device that captures and transfers the data from the shot to the ShotLink staff. The device provides information with regard to the groupings and the operator will have to choose what player to shoot for then shoot the laser at the ball after it stops rolling. They will take the measurements of each drive and make sure the information is sent to the ShotLink truck.

In addition a voice radio with headset will be provided to the volunteer so they will have constant voice communication with the ShotLink staff. All of the necessary equipment will be delivered each morning. This can be done by one person but we have found that a 2 person team is best. One person operating the laser and the other person taking grid coordinates that will also be entered into the system to verify that the shot and the grid are within tolerance.


Greenside laser operator position is a special position. Not all volunteers will be able to satisfactorily accomplish this task.Our training program has been modified to help identify the volunteers who will have the best chance to be successful in this role. These volunteers will be on a platform (varying from 4 to 6 feet high) and they will be using a “survey grade” laser to take multiple measurements per player on the green.

Greenside laser operators are in constant voice communication by radio with the ShotLink Producers. This radio link allows the volunteers to communicate any problems or concerns directly to the ShotLink staff. The volunteers’ ability to succeed at this task will be greatly enhanced if they will review the materials on, attend the training sessions during advance week, and work the Pro-Am.

Two volunteers, working as a team, on the greenside platform are key to the success of the greenside laser position. One volunteer can keep up with play and control the communication back to the Shotlink trailer, while the other operates the device.