Motorola PR860 radios are stored and maintained on the Tour Operations truck.
Tournament staff/volunteers are responsible for the distribution and collection of radios
during each day of tournament week. The tournaments should assign someone to be in
charge of this. The tournament will need to reimburse the PGA TOUR for any lost radios.
Different areas of operation will have different frequencies (channels). There are sixteen (16)
channels in all.

The breakdown of use at each event is as follows:
  • 12 Tour Staff/Officials
  • 38 Host Tournament Staff
  • 2 Golf Course Superintendent
  • 1 Scoring Central
  • 7 Back-ups/Spares

The host tournament’s radios should be assigned to the most important people. They should include:
  • Tournament Director and Tournament Staff
  • All Volunteer Chairmen
  • Grounds/Operations Chairman
  • First Aid and Security

Radio Frequencies
Below are the frequencies that the Tour uses during your tournament (electronic scoreboards, hand held radios). Please inform media crews, concessions, local radio communications, etc., that they should stay off these frequencies to keep from interfering with the scoring process.

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