The PGA TOUR staff is a dedicated group of individuals from various backgrounds in the golf and business community with one goal in mind: The growth and success of the Web.com Tour and its local tournament organizations, and in turn, the PGA TOUR organization as a whole. Before, during, and after the event, all of the various groups associated with the PGA TOUR staff will be working closely with the tournament organization. The staff of the Web.com Tour is broken into several different areas: Tournament Business Affairs, Competitions, Tournament Operations, Player Relations, and Communications. In addition to these, a PGA TOUR agronomist will be working closely with the host facility to help prepare for the event.

Tournament Business Affairs
The role of the Tournament Business Affairs department is to support the mission of the PGA TOUR and Web.com Tour by strengthening tournaments financially and operationally, and by increasing financial benefits and value to players, host organizations, sponsors, television partners and charities.

The objectives of Tournament Business Affairs on the Web.com Tour are:
  • To provide long-term strategic business planning counsel, ensure proper preparation in a variety of areas including tournament agreements and facility agreements, and to assist in future planning/dates on schedule.
  • To provide assistance to all events and to help them access the resources of the PGA TOUR.
  • To better understand all aspects of individual tournaments and to assist in effecting improvements in applicable areas, with an emphasis on financial performance and tournament operational efficiency.
  • To assist events with the preparation of quality sales presentations and the implementation of those presentations where appropriate.
  • To assist events in sustaining long-term Sponsor relationships by identifying and fully understanding the special needs and expectations of the Sponsor.
  • To achieve a more consistent, high-quality presentation at all tournaments.
  • To interface with the Executive Board and to some extent local media.

In general, business related contacts between the tournament and the Web.com Tour should take place between Tournament Business Affairs representatives, the local Tournament Director and General Chairperson to avoid confusion and eliminate conflicting or duplicate requests. It will also ensure that the tournament is kept current and fully informed of all policies and procedures. The entire PGA TOUR staff, however, takes a great deal of pride in the level of operational assistance and support available to tournaments. Therefore, you will also be in contact with the advance rules and operations officials regarding many operational areas (and other items) in preparation for and during the tournament.

The Competitions Staff will serve a variety of roles before, during, and after the event. In the months and weeks prior to the event, the advance rules official will be in close contact regarding many aspects of the event. He will be the tournament organization’s main contact for items relating to the competition itself, the golf course, Pro-Am competitions, and other operational areas. The week prior to the event (advance week), this person will be on site during the entire week both assisting the tournament organization and preparing for the event. During the week of the tournament, he will work in conjunction with the Web.com Tour Tournament Director to run the competition and ensure a successful week. The Web.com Tour Tournament Director is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the competition and all on-site Web.com Tour personnel report to him.

Tournament Operations
The Tournament Operations staff will also be a valuable asset to the success of the tournament. The advance operations official will be your contact on questions regarding volunteers, scoring, and other operational items. He will arrive on-site at the tournament during the latter-half of advance week. In addition to meeting with each of the volunteer chairman and ensuring that many items regarding the scoring system are in place, he will conduct meetings with different groups of volunteers. The Operations staff will also assist in many other areas, including Monday Pro-Am’s and special events, and along with the advance rules official, will be your main contact during the event.

Player Relations
Marty Caffey is the Player Relations Staff. In addition he is a liaison between the Web.com Tour President and the Player. He is also a key contact with the players. He can assist with charity visits, client entertainment (draw parties, skybox visits, etc). He is your main contact for player concerns.

The Communications Department will work with the local and national media to ensure the best possible coverage before and during the tournament. In addition to many other items, a Tour media official will be on-site during the entire tournament week, and will coordinate all media activities. He is a valuable resource that should be used by tournament organizations as much as possible. The media official will also be available prior to the event to assist with media days and other promotional events.

The primary objective of the PGA TOUR Agronomist is to assist the Golf Course Superintendent in providing the best possible playing conditions not only for their scheduled tournament competition, but also year round. The PGA TOUR Agronomist will observe and consult with the Golf Course Superintendent on all aspects of their operation including the management of their greens, tees, fairways, roughs, bunkers, equipment and equipment maintenance. The PGA TOUR Agronomist is responsible for informing the host Superintendent of the preferred playing conditions by coordinating input and direction from the Players, Host Facility, Tournament Sponsor, Rules Staff and the PGA Tour's Executive Committee. The PGA TOUR Agronomist will visit the host facility about eight weeks prior to the tournament and then may return to assist in operations during Advance Week and help to align maintenance scheduling for Tournament Week. Following the tournament, it is the responsibility of the PGA TOUR Agronomist to review the outcome of the tournaments’ golf course conditions and then assist the Superintendent in making improvements for the future. This is typically done during a post-tournament or Follow-up Visit. The PGA TOUR Agronomist will stay in contact with the Golf Course Superintendent throughout the year to assist he or she in maintaining the highest attainable golf course playing conditions year round, assist with any golf course changes and to help maintain focus on tournament conditioning.

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