TRAINING INFO: Greenside Laser Operators

Greenside laser operator position is a special position. Not all volunteers will be able to satisfactorily accomplish this task.Our training program has been modified to help identify the volunteers who will have the best chance to be successful in this role. These volunteers will be on a platform (varying from 4 to 6 feet high) and they will be using a “survey grade” laser to take multiple measurements per player on the green.

Greenside laser operators are in constant voice communication by radio with the ShotLink Producers. This radio link allows the volunteers to communicate any problems or concerns directly to the ShotLink staff. The volunteers’ ability to succeed at this task will be greatly enhanced if they will review the materials on, attend the training sessions during advance week, and work the Pro-Am.

Two volunteers, working as a team, on the greenside platform are key to the success of the greenside laser position. One volunteer can keep up with play and control the communication back to the Shotlink trailer, while the other operates the device.

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