The Champions Tour is extremely dependent on an extensive volunteer base at every tournament. We want to make sure that each tournament is comfortable with the new scoring volunteer roles. Slides and handouts are used to guide everyone through each phase of the scoring process. These materials should make your chairpersons and volunteers comfortable with the system.

We also have training information for the volunteers located on the Web at ShotLink.com. The committee chair should distribute this web address to the volunteers so they can review the training material prior to your event. This site was designed to allow your volunteers to become more familiar with the overall ShotLink process prior to the training sessions held during advance week.
Walking Scorers

The job of a walking scorer is to walk with a group of professionals and keep their score and specific statistics. A walking scorer must be assigned to each group of professionals in the pro-am and the tournament. It is important that the walking scorers have an understanding of the game of golf. Walking scorers will be issued a fanny pack to carry a battery-powered data radio which is connected by a cable to a handheld scoring device. We will also provide a voice radio with a headset to facilitate constant communication with the ShotLink staff.

Long Drive Holes

A total of eight volunteers (four per hole) are needed to measure driving distances on two designated holes. Two volunteers are placed in the landing zone with flag sticks and two are located at the tee. One volunteer measures the distance with a range finder and the second volunteer at the tee records the measured distance on a printed log and also inputs the information into a scoring device.

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